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Radio Advertising and Marketing Frequently asked Questions

Many successful businesses do NOT advertise. The only reason to incur the risk is because you might do more business by advertising than you would without. When ads work, customers that would otherwise do business with competitors do business with you.

The approximately one -third of businesses that advertise consistently find doing so is profitable for three reasons: *

  • Advertising replaces the 20% to 25% of clients who are lost annually to attrition.
  • Advertising reaches people as they make buying decisions. Each and every day people make decisions to buy products and services.
  • Advertising builds Top of Mind Awareness (the ability to name a specific business) which turns into market share. For example, approximately six of ten people when asked to name a high -end mattress name Sealy. Sealy has approximately a 60% share of the high end matteress market.

Today, the average consumer is exposed to more than 2,500 advertising impressions a day ranging from radio ads and billboares to milk cartons and magazines. Your competition may be inviting poetneial customers to do business with them instead of you.

Why Advertise on Radio?

Radio reaches both the Now buyer, the 2% to 10% of the population that is probably in the market TODAY for what you sell PLUS radio reaches the future prospects, the 90% to 98% of the people who are not in the market today but may be tomorrow.

Radio is affordable seven days a week. Potential clients decide to buy your product or service seven days a week. Radio provides the opportunity to reach potential customers close to the time they make their buying decisions.

Radio is intrusive. You can close your eyes but you can't close your ears.

Why advertise on the Stations of Eastern Shore Radio Inc.? Because they reach a large and receptive audience in Accomack and Northampton Counties Va.

Each station's format has been carefully selected to meet the marketing needs of the majority of the businesses in Accomack and Northampton Counties.

WESR FM 103.3 targets adult listeners 25+ with a variety of programming meeting the needs of many different groups in our community. A combination of easy Adult Contemporary music along with a 48 year tradition of local news, Swap Shop, local High School sports, Virginia Tech, weather with WAVY TV 10's Superdoppler technology and meteorologists Jon Cash and Jeremy Wheeler. Being part of the fabric of Eastern Shore life attracts the audience you need to reach for your business.

Coastal Country 105.7/AM 1330 WESR Real country targeting the loyal adult country audience. All day and all night.

This combination of local news, music, weather, and community sports and event information means both year-round residents and visitor rely on the two stations of Eastern Shore Radio , Inc. The most compelling reason to advertise on the stations of Eastern Shore Radio Inc. is RESULTS. Our best advertising is a long and growing list of satisfied clients who invest four figures a month in radio advertising, month after month, year after year.

How can I make money using radio advertising?

Radio works with either short-term impact of long term consistency.

Short term impact means running one or two messages PER HOUR from the time an event or sale starts backwards until you run out of budget.

Long-term consistency means running a minimum of four messages between 6 AM and 6 PM forever. The faster you want measurable results, the more the number of daily ads.

Today we have clients running four to twenty-four ads a day on two stations and report impressivd growth in sales and profits.

The secret formula to advertising comes down to this: WHAT YOU SAY TIMES HOW MANY TIMES YOU SAY IT.

* What you say is the message. We have a six point system for writing ads that get measurable results for our clients.

* How many times you say it is the schedule. Short-term impact or long term consistency is what works best in radio.


0-99ads $16.00
0-99 ads $9.00
100-364 ads $12.30
100-365ads $7.00
365 ads $ 9.30
365ads $4.00

Shopping Show advertising clients are charged at the 0-99 rate unless client has a 4/day annual on the stations.

Requires ads to be run within 12 months. If total ads not used within 12 months clients agree to pay a rate adjustment based on the actual number of ads used.

All rates are for 30 second commercials
Ad 50% for :60 second commercials
All ads are net to station.

How does someone get started with an advertising campaign?

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. We start with a series of 23 questions. The answers help us determine a strategy. By reviewing answers to these questions and researching the account category we recommend a positioning staterecommend a positioning statement, come up with commercial message ideas, promotional campaigns and the right combination of stations and the internet.

The initial meeting requires approximately 45 minutes. A follow up meeting is scheduled and a presentation prepared in consultation with station management. After reviewing the recommendations, we ask for your business. We believe by presenting advertising and marketing ideas for growth that are customized for your business, you will want to buy advertising as much as we want to sell it.

Our guarantee is that if you are kind enough to express interest and give us the time to answer the 23 questions, we will return for a well-thought-out marketing plan, in writing with several new ideas to improve your business.

This is a no risk guaranteed opportunity to have an objective analysis of your marketing and at least two new ideas to promote your business.

Eastern Shore Radio Inc. , WESR AM and WESR FM does not discriminate in any way on the basis of race or gender with regard to its advertising practices.

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