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Eastern Shore Radio Inc.

Contact and Station Information

WESR Radio
PO Box 460
Onley, Va. 23418
Sales or Info : (757) 787-3200
Fax: (757) 787-3819

Name Title Phone Email
Sales Sales (757) 787-3200
Swap Shop Show Swap Shop 757) 787-3200
Daily News Desk News (757) 787-3200
Charlie Russell Owner- GM (757) 787-3200
Will Russell PD (757) 787-3200

Station History

The WESR AM-1330 KHz frequency first came to life on the Eastern Shore of Virginia on January 30, 1958. Programming on FM 103.3 MHz first went on-air on July 17, 1968. From local news to Swap Shop to the latest weather, we keep the public informed of all current events. Mixing information with today's best music has made us an integral part of Eastern Shore life......we hope to continue this tradition now and into the 21st century!

Our Mission
"It is the mission of the management and staff of WESR AM-FM to consistently produce quality radio programming that informs and entertains our listeners and advertisers, responds to the needs and reflects the character of the communities we serve."

Technical Facilities

WESR is a commercial Class B AM-FM broadcasting facility, operating at 103.3 MHz (channel 277) with 50,000 watts of power. WESR AM operates at 1330 KHz with 5,000 watts of power. Both signals have a transmitter output power rating of 9.3 kW and serve the broadcasting market of Southern Delmarva and the Lower Chesapeake Bay region.

Transmitter and Antenna Specifications
Our transmitter site is located near U.S. 13, one mile northeast of Tasley, Virginia at Geographical Coordinates N 37 43' 02" and W 75 41' 01". The transmitter is a CCA Electronics FM A-6811 broadcasting antenna which is mounted 343 feet above ground level (98 m) and 386 feet above mean sea level (107 m). The AM transmitter is a BC-5-P2 broadcasting antenna mounted at the same elevation as the FM transmitter.



WESR Radio, PO Box 460, Onley, Va. 23418 Sales or Info : (757) 787-3200 Fax: (757) 787-3819